How do you modernize a formal dining room?

Seven ways to make your traditional dining room less boring. Painting.

How do you modernize a formal dining room?

Seven ways to make your traditional dining room less boring. Painting. Add upholstered guest chairs or a dining bench. Light up the table with a rug.

Put something fresh, such as plants, in your dining room. Ailis started at British GQ, where a month of work experience turned into 18 months working on all kinds of projects, writing on all kinds of topics, from motorsports to interiors, and helping to organize the GQ Food & Drink Awards. He then spent three years at the London Evening Standard, covering restaurants and bars. After a period of freelance work, writing about food, drink and homes for publications such as Conde Nast Traveller, Luxury London and Departures, she started at Homes & Gardens as a digital writer, which allowed her to unleash her love for good interior design.

She is now a full-fledged gastronomic public relations agent, but she still writes for Homes & Gardens as a contributing editor. Designer stores, furniture specialists and department stores offer a wide variety of options, and since formal dining is going out of style, second-hand antique and retro pieces are available and are also very affordable. The formal dining room has a great design history, but to make it look modern, reconsider some of the classic furniture and decor elements with contemporary silhouettes. If you're looking for modern dining room ideas that are perfect for contemporary homes, make sure to keep them sleek and stylized.

The latest modern dining room designs feature bright color ideas for dining rooms and geometric designs as the protagonists. To maintain a sleek, modern look in a tiny dining area, eliminate unnecessary furniture and focus on the decorating ideas of your dining table and the table itself. This collection of 51 formal dining room ideas offers inspiration, tips and accessories to help you design your own. It can be difficult to keep an eye on children while you're in the kitchen, so turn the adjacent formal dining room into a play area.

You can modernize a traditional dining room by being a little more daring with eye-catching materials, such as darker woods and matte metals. Modern dining room ideas don't have to be so clever that they're cold; you can use colors, designs and beautiful furniture and accessories to add character and interest. Perfect in a small, modern dining room and in kitchen/dining room ideas, stools, especially when upholstered, look incredibly elegant and can enhance the look of an open-plan kitchen/dining room and, at the same time, bring an element of comfort to the space. The formal dining room can be used frequently by a large family or mainly for important meetings and special parties, but always to create memories.

Whether you are a lover of formal dinners or if you prefer a more relaxed meal, the way you decorate your dining room will greatly influence the atmosphere. While the dining table may be the center of attention in the room, make sure that your other furniture is also in line with your modern look. Open-plan restaurants are a popular choice, as many contemporary schemes now avoid the traditional dining room and opt for a more informal area that blends perfectly with the kitchen and living room.